Are you struggling over ideas on how to seat your guests at your wedding? Well, struggle no further! The most popular new seating arrangement trend is the window pane seating chart.

This look can be achieved by simply taking an old window pane and writing in the table numbers on the glass followed by the guests sitting at that table, using a white grease marker. Alternatively, if you have a large number of guests, you can write out the names alphabetically. Or, if you happen to not have a calligrapher’s handwriting, then you could print your seating chart onto vinyl sheets that you can stick onto the window glass.  All that must be done then is to place the window pane on a stand, and there you  have it! Your guests will know exactly where to sit while you are able to maintain that trendy rustic look. It is a fun and easy way to tell your guests where to sit, instead of having to fill out individual seating cards, which we all know can be very tedious.