Summer is here, and with it comes the great outdoor sporting events such as baseball, tennis, and of course, horse racing. What better way to bring the summer feeling and a touch of elegance to your wedding than with a glass of soothing whiskey or bourbon. Indulge your guests with a display of fine spirits that invite your guests to sample different brands. One version of the Whiskey Bar that is becoming increasingly popular is the Whiskey Cocktail Station. This is a great station for both new and seasoned whiskey drinkers. Your guests can enjoy classic whiskey based cocktails such as an Old Fashioned, Manhattan and Whiskey Sour. Many couples also like to provide their guests with a wide array of whiskeys to sample at the Tasting Bar. At this station, the bride and groom provide several different whiskies for their guests to try, providing a more diverse experience. Of course, there are those brides who want to give a special gift for their new husbands on their wedding day. What better way to say “surprise” than to surprise your new husband with a whiskey bar of his own? At the Groom’s Whiskey Bar, you can provide your groom’s favorite brands all on one station. Our bartenders will craft special cocktails made from each of your husband’s favorite bottles. Speaking of favorite brands, what if you and your groom prefer a glass of some good old Kentucky bourbon? Well, we have that covered at the Bourbon Bar. Why not provide your guests with a sampler of Knob Creek, Woodford Reserve and Maker’s Mark? Your guests will be able to expand their horizons by sampling different varieties of bourbon, having an experience that they will not easily forget. Like the Whiskey Bar, the Bourbon Bar can also feature your favorite bourbon based drinks such as the classic Mint Julep and the Bourbon & Branch. Along with a glass of bourbon, why not also offer your guests a cigar? It is a proven fact that cigars and bourbon go very nicely together. This works great as a surprise treat for your guests after dessert is served. We set up the cigars and the bourbon or whiskey in the gardens. The Whiskey and Bourbon Bars are just two of many new trends that couples are providing for their guests. With either of these two bars, you will be offering your guests a unique experience that not only gives them something new to sample, but also something familiar to enjoy.