​​Today, many couples are choosing to include the Sand Ceremony as a part of their wedding ceremony.  

The sand ceremony includes at least two smaller glass containers of sand coupled with a larger center container or vase.  The couple each takes one of the smaller vials of sand and each pours the sand into the center container, representing the uniting of their two separate lives.  The couple then keeps the center vase as a keepsake of their wedding day.

In selecting the sand, keep in mind that each color symbolizes different qualities and traits.  The most popular colors are as follows:

White: Truth, Purity, Devotion, Peace and Serenity

Yellow: Charm, Harmony, Balance, Friendship, Respect, Confidence

Pink:  Unity, Honor, Truth, Romance, Happiness

Red:  Love, Passion, Romance, Physical Energy, Strength, Courage, Vigor

Green: Health, Fertility, Luck, Prosperity, Nurturing

Orange:  Sweetness, Trust, Creativity

Purple: Healing, Health, Power, Dignity, Strength

Brown: Nurturing, home and hearth

Blue: Patience, Understanding, Tranquility, Longevity, Strength  

Silver: Creativity, Inspiration, Vision, Talents

Black:  Strength, Empowerment, Wisdom, Vision, Success, Pure Love

The Sand Ceremony works well with outdoor ceremonies where the wind sometimes makes it difficult to light the unity candle.  Additionally, with the Sand Ceremony, you can include family members such as children and parents by including additional containers of sand for each of them.  Each participant has their own sand container which is added to the center vase at the appropriate point in the ceremony thereby representing the unity of the couple with the others.