Do: Send your Save the Dates about six to nine months prior to your wedding day. This is to ensure that your guests have plenty of time to plan for traveling and make further arrangements. If you are having a destination wedding, they should be sent out nine months to one year prior to your wedding.

Don’t: Send your Save the Dates immediately after your engagement (unless you have booked your venue and your date is close in time). 

Do: Send your Save the Dates to anyone that you would definitely like to attend your wedding.

Don’t: Send your Save the Dates to people who you are unsure if you should invite or not.  It is extremely rude to send a Save the Date to someone and then never send them an invitation. The basic rule is that everyone who receives a Save the Date gets invited to the wedding.

Do: Notify guests if there is any changes after your Save the Dates are mailed out.

Don’t: Enclose confetti in your Save the Date envelope. While the idea of including confetti may sound fun, imagine your guests reaction if the confetti makes a mess when they open the envelope.

Do: Put enough information on your Save the Date! You should include the date, your names, and the location since you do not want your guest’s to wonder when or where your wedding is.

Don’t: Go to off color with your Save the Dates, as they are a symbol of your beautiful wedding to come. You want to impress your guests.

When designing your Save the Dates, it is important to consider what kind of a feeling you would like to evoke about your wedding.  Many couples choose to put a picture of themselves on their Save the Dates, while others opt for a classic, elegant card.  Another option is a magnet or a postcard.  You can be creative with your Save the Dates and incorporate your wedding colors or you can match your Save the Dates to your invitations.  In making your selections, remember to accentuate tastefulness and elegance, while still making it your own.