A wedding is an opportunity for a couple to plan the perfect celebration with their loved ones, which means that they have a lot of essential things to take care of beforehand. One of the most critical pre-wedding tasks is creating the invitation list. This is a challenging task because there may be a limited number of spots to go around, and the couple will most likely have preferences of who should be included, which can mean that the wedding is only for adults. Luckily, there are tips the couple can incorporate that will help them plan the perfect day.

Stick to the Plan

A fall wedding ceremony decorated with pumpkins and fall leaves

One tip for a couple that’s planning an adults-only wedding is to make a decision and then stick to the plan. They should agree on this choice together, so everyone’s on the same page. If there are any exceptions, that should be agreed on as early as possible. Of course, the children in the wedding party and the couple’s own children should be included.

Follow Through at the Reception

It’s in the couple’s best interest that they remain consistent and don’t allow children to be at the ceremony and not the reception (or vice versa), other than their own children and any children in the wedding party. It could inconvenience parents to have to find childcare for only part of the day.

Address the Invitations Appropriately

While it’s recommended to stay away from putting “no children” on the invitation, the couple should include the names of the invited guests only. This will help to clear the air, and guests will know right away who exactly is expected. They may also opt to write the names of the invited guests on the RSVP card to help clear up any confusion.

Communicate the Information to Others

It’s also in the couple’s best interest to spread the word to others as soon as possible. They will be better off if they let family members and friends know this information. It’s also good practice to include that it’s an adults-only event on the wedding website.

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