Winter Wonderland Wedding Receptions

Winter Wonderland Wedding Receptions
Planning a “winter wonderland” theme for your wedding?  Here are some tips and trends to assist you in creating a wonderful event. First, try to select a venue whose overall atmosphere embraces your theme.  By doing this, you are utilizing what the venue offers and simply embellishing upon that.  Not only does this add to your overall décor, but, in the long run, it proves to be cost-effective. In planning your winter wonderland wedding, consider what colors you want to work with and the atmosphere you want to create.  When you think of a winter wonderland, what comes to mind?  For some, it is the glistening snow and icicles against the blue sky.  For others, it is silver, gold and crystals.  Today, you can even consider a silver themed wedding with soft pink and crystal accents. Once you have your venue and your color scheme in place, you can start creating your winter wonderland through the room décor and lighting, as well as small touches throughout your reception. Lighting and Linens:  More and more couples are incorporating uplighting and other lighting effects into their reception.  With the lighting, the entire ballroom can be cast in an icy blue tone to help create your winter wonderland.  If you are including snowflakes in your theme, you can have images of snowflakes cast on the walls and the dance floor.   In addition to adding lighting effects, you can also select linens that not only enhance your color scheme, but also contribute to the overall ambiance of the venue you have chosen.  In addition to table lines and lighting, you may want to include ivory chair covers for a finished and elegant look.  Another option is to add hanging lanterns or draping, coordinated with your color scheme, to complement your décor.

Ivory Table Linens adn Chair Covers with Blue Uplighting

Centerpieces:  The centerpieces are always a focal point so you should take extra care in choosing centerpieces.  You can select from traditional floral centerpieces to candelabras and chandelier trees.  If you love flowers, you can select flowers that match your theme.  For example, if you are going with silver and light blue, select light blue flowers such as hydrangea and mix them with ivory flowers and use silver branches as accents.  You can even consider spraying the ivory flowers with silver glitter or coating the tips of the flowers silver.  There are many flowers available in ivory so ivory flowers with a touch of pale pink or gold also work well.  You can add pillar candles at the base of your floral centerpieces to create a more enchanted look.  Many brides are using soft colors combined with ivory and cream flowers for their winter weddings and the effect is breathtaking. If you want to have more of a candlelit effect, incorporate these same colors with pillar and ball candles in various sizes displayed on mirrored bases or gold trays.  In addition, consider using silver candelabras with draped crystals to add sparkle and shine.  You can also add snowflake votive holders to the tables or you can  add a touch of “snow.”   Ivory rose petals can also be added to the base of your centerpieces as an elegant touch. Another great idea is to incorporate chandelier trees into your décor either as table centerpieces or buffet accent pieces.  There are several different options with the chandelier trees.  There are metal trees and trees made with manzanita and birch branches.  In addition to crystals, you can hang flower balls, mirrored strands and votives from the branches to enhance the look of the trees.  If you are looking for something truly simple and elegant with more of a holiday feel, try filling glass bowls with blue, silver and white Christmas bulbs. Wedding Cake:  One of the main focal points of any wedding reception is the wedding cake so you should take care in selecting a cake that will convey your theme.   The most popular choice is to incorporate snowflakes in the design of your cake and you can add a touch of color with a satin blue or gold ribbon.  If you are incorporating tree branches into your décor, you can use the branch tips to decorate your cake or even add a glistening crystal snowflake as your cake topper. Equally beautiful is a classic white stacked wedding cake with your monogram covered in Swarovski crystal with crystal ribbon. You can then complete you look with other accessories covered in the Swarovski crystal, such as the cake knife set and even initials for your bridal bouquet.  Visit for beautiful Swarovski monogram toppers, cake ribbon and accessories.

Monogram Topper and Crystal Ribbon

Here, at Majestic Gardens, our Grand Ballroom is deocrated in champagne and ivory tones so it is very easy to creat a winter wonderland by incorporating some of the ideas outlined above.  Our magnificent grounds are brilliantly illuminated with white lights throughout the season.  We welcome you to come for a visit and see for yourself!