Wedding Trend: Late Night Snacks

Wedding Trend:  Late Night Snacks
Whether it be sweet, salty or savory, serving late night snacks is one of the more popular upcoming wedding trend.

After a night of dancing and drinking guests might need a little late night bite, either for an energy boost to keep the party rolling or as a good-bye snack as guests depart for home.

Couples are serving up all kinds of fun snacks such as milk and cookies, mini cheeseburgers, salty fries, popcorn cones, and coffee-to-go and doughnuts for the road! Remember, back in the day, going out for breakfast after a late night of partying?Fall 2012 079 Early morning breakfast treats are now appearing on the “late-night” snack menu. Anyone for a mini BLT?

A few popular menu items here at Majestic Gardens are the Goodnight Pastry Favor Buffet and the French Fry Bar which are presented as your guests depart. Your guests will love choosing from a selection of sweets to box up and take home or taking a French fry cone on the shuttle back to the hotel.

You can take your inspiration from anywhere and your guests will love you for this special delight! ???????????????????????????????