Super Bowl Cocktails: Orange Crush vs. Carolina Blue Mint Julep

Super Bowl Cocktails:  Orange Crush vs. Carolina Blue Mint Julep
Super Bowl Sunday is a great day for getting together with friends regardless of what team you are rooting for. This year the matchup is between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers. Below we have a couple of ideas for drinks in the team’s respective colors (orange for Denver and Blue for Carolina) we found online.

Denver For Denver, since you can go with an orange base, the possibilities are endless. If you are a true Denver fan and want to start the day with a team colored beverage, you can go with a traditional brunch cocktails such as a Mimosa (orange juice with Champagne) or a Bellini (peach nectar with Champagne or Prosecco). As the day progresses, you can move on to something with a little more kick and try an Orange Crush, Denver Gold Martini, Mile High Cocktail or even Orange is the New Blue Punch. You can be very creative and come up with other fitting names for the cocktails you are serving but these are a few to get you started. The Orange Crush is easy to make and very refreshing. Just mix orange juice, vodka and triple sec then add Sprite and serve in a cocktail glass over ice with a straw.

Carolina For Carolina, you can focus on traditional Carolina cocktails such as a Mint Julep or Sweet Tea. If you want to incorporate color, be sure to stock up on Blue Curacao or one of the many “blue” Gatorade flavors. The traditional Mint Julep is made with bourbon, mint and sugar. One of the recipes we found for a Carolina Blue Mint Julep is made with Moscato, Soda, Mint and Blueberries. Of course you can add in a little Blue Curacao to give it a blue color. For some additional great ideas visit

Super Bowl CocktailsIf you are a more adventurous, use this link for cocktails that are layered with colors: