Signature Drinks

Signature Drinks

For the past few years “signature drinks” have been all the rage. Signature drinks are creative cocktails that compliment the color or theme of an event. They are usually passed around or offered at the bar, and are a nice way to add a personal touch to a wedding. However, many couples are interested in making a greater impact with their choice of cocktail. If you fall into this category, consider a signature drink station.

Snow Ball-Tini Winter Wonderland Cocktail

Snow Ball-Tini
Winter Wonderland Cocktail

Imagine a table or grouping of tables, beautifully decorated and positioned at the entry of your cocktail hour offering a fabulous cocktail to your guests as they enter the room. This type of station is great for introducing your theme, making a personal statement about an interest or hobby, adding a touch of whimsy or simply enhancing your color palette. In addition to looking great, an added benefit to this type of station is that it eliminates the initial mad dash to the bar as your cocktail hour begins.

The first step in creating a signature drink station is selecting the objective of the table and how many tables you would like to incorporate into the station. To establish her “Tiffany’s” theme, a recent Majestic Garden’s bride selected one table with tiffany blue colored drinks served in elegant flutes with small gift boxes and crystals to embellish the table which was covered in a Tiffany blue lamour tablecloth. If two tables sounds appealing, a “his and hers” concept works great. Base one table on something about the bride; a favorite color or flavor, an interest or hobby or a personality trait. The other table based on something about the groom; maybe a favorite team or sport? This is our Bronx Bomber Martini table and featured a gray linen with baseballs and Yankee memorabilia as embellishments.

Once you have come up with your theme and colors, concentrate on the drink itself. It should taste great, work with your color scheme and have a wide appeal. Be sure to maximize the effect of the tables by including a catchy name for your drink, linens that coordinate with your overall color scheme and embellishments that support you theme, color or season.