Neutral Colors – Beige, Tan and Ivory

Neutral Colors – Beige, Tan and Ivory

Cool Colors…Warm Colors…Neutral Colors – The Neutral Shades of Beige, Tan & Ivory

Today we are focusing on the neutral colors which include beige, tan, ivory and champagne tones which are all shades of brown. Although these three shades of brown are subtly different, they share one common feature – they are remarkably diverse.

Beige, tan and ivory are featured incorporated as the main color in natural, rustic affairs to sophisticated elegant events. Neutral colors have always complimented the natural landscape of a beach wedding and now also are popular with rustic and barn weddings. A “champagne” color highlighted with beading adds a subtle elegance to an elaborate affair. As neutral colors they can be mixed with cool or warm palettes to add visual depth.

Beige: Loyal, Calming and Relaxing

Tan: Timeless, Uncomplicated and Natural

Ivory: Reserved, Encouraging, Understated Elegance

Beige/Tan/Ivory: All exhibit the purity and softness of the color white while blending in a richer and warm tone of brown.

For 2015 and 2016, all hues of beige/tan and ivory mixed with the pastel shades of pink, peach, ice blue and mint green are extremely popular. Champagne tones paired with chocolate and shades of dusty rose are exquisitely matched. The right accent color can add a sophisticated touch to the main neutral color and can elevate your event.

Check out our color board for pictures incorporating the neutral color of Beige/Tan/Ivory.

Neutral board