Cocktail Hour


Everyone  loves the Cocktail Hour…Time and time again, guests tell us that the Cocktail Hour is their favorite part of a wedding reception not only because it is the start of the celebration but because everyone is encouraged to mingle and to sample a variety of food offerings, all in a beautiful setting.  Traditionally, the couple was not seen during cocktail hour and used the time between the ceremony and the reception to take formal pictures.  Today, most couples make it a point to join the cocktail hour to socialize with their guests.

The Cocktail Hour is your first opportunity to set the tone for the reception that will follow and to add elements of style and design.  Consider adding a Signature Drink Bar or a food station that will wow your guests such as our Gourmet Burger Bar with Mini Milk Shakes, our Mediterranean Gyro Station or for the clam lover, our Clams, Clams, Clams.  Your guests will love trying something different and will be left with a memorable impression.

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