Are you a dessert lover?  Consider offering your guest a dessert course or station in addition to the traditional wedding cake.  If you are thinking of adding a dessert course to your menu, start by considering what your favorite desserts are and then seeing how you can add your favorites to your reception.

Consider serving a tasting dessert where each guests gets a plate with four desserts that you select.  Another great option is adding a dessert stations such as our New York, New York Cheesecake Martini Bar or if you each have a favorite dessert, we can pair each of your favorites with an after dinner cocktail and then have our staff pass the drinks and desserts.   If you want to go with an over-the-top dessert display, then the Full Viennese may be for you.

The possibilities are endless and many couples include sweets as a take home treat for guests as they are departing such as our Sweet Dreams Pastry Buffet.  The buffet is set up in our lobby and your guests get a mini bakery box with pastries and cookies.

We welcome your input to find the dessert that is right for you.

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