Engagement Ring Trends

Engagement Ring Trends
The engagement ring is a symbol of couples’ love and commitment to each other. Trends for 2015 show that not only are couples spending more on the ring, but that with today’s large selection of rings and bands, couples are going with different shapes, stones and colors to reflect their personal taste and style.

The current shape trends are favoring oval shaped engagement rings, a shape made popular by Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. Traditionally, an oval shaped stone is set vertically but if you want to go for a more modern look, consider setting the stone horizontally.blake-lively-0-600x450 This is known as an “East to West” setting, gives the ring a more contemporary look, and as a bonus, makes the stone look bigger. Another option for oval stones is to add accents such as pear shaped diamonds on both sides of the oval, creating a classic three stone setting.

antique-vintage-diamond-wedding-rings-colored-stonesIf you like color, then you may want to consider a colored stone or colored gold for the ring itself. If you are looking for a less traditional ring, selecting a colored diamond or gem stone is a way of expressing your personal style and individuality. Colored stones are not limited to just diamonds; sapphires, rubies and emeralds are equally as popular. imagesJ85RK0Y3

Another way to add a pop of color is through your metal choice. With the popularity of vintage themed weddings increasing, both yellow and rose gold are increasing in popularity in today’s engagement ring market. In addition to giving the ring a vintage look, yellow and rose gold tones flatter almost all skin tones, are low maintenance and the most hypoallergenic gold.

Again, if you like a rustic or vintage look, then you may want to incorporate a floral design. Whether your ring is blooming with flowers, petals or vines, it will have a romantic touch; moreover, adding accents such as small cascading buds down the band will give your ring detail from all angles.

engagement-ringsLast, the look of the bands themselves should be considered. Looking for something that will catch light with every move of the hand? Then, you may want to consider five rows of diamonds: bling at its most sophisticated. If a thick band is not for you, go with something that is more slender and then you have the option of adding additional bands to change the look. Not looking for diamonds, then consider a band with a unique twist or a braided version giving the ring a modern update.

With all the new trends, be sure to consider different options and select something that reflects your taste and personality while remembering that is should also be timeless.