Cool Colors…Warm Colors…Neutral Colors

Cool Colors…Warm Colors…Neutral Colors

We’ve been doing a little research on colors and what makes us drawn to a particular shade, what that color represents and the best applications for using a certain color.

Over the next few weeks we’ll give you some fun descriptions and words associated to colors. It is very interesting how color alone can affect how we feel about something or inflect our emotions.

Let’s start with the color RED today!

Red: Active, Outgoing, Youthful, Physical, Ambition, Power, Excitement, Passion and Intensity

Red: Creates very strong emotions and is attention-grabbing

Red: Causes blood pressure and heart rate to rise

Red would be a great color for themed events where guests are encouraged to roam about, keep up the beat and where you want to make a statement! So, check-out our Red Color Board and screen your emotions.

This is how we “do red” at Majestic Gardens!

red board Final