Cool Colors…Warm Colors…Neutral Colors – The Color Orange

Cool Colors…Warm Colors…Neutral Colors – The Color Orange

Orange!! Orange is part of the Warm Color category and warm colors tend to have an exciting effect. When used alone, however, this color group can overstimulate, generating strong emotions. As we always suggest, it is often wise to combine colors with another group to bring about balance.

Orange: Vibrancy, Energy, Excitement, Instinct, Optimistic, Impulse

Orange: Creates a playful environment for your guests.

Orange is attention-getting, so it’s a great color to use at a fundraiser or any event where you want to bring in excitement and a bit of the whimisical!

In 2012, Tangerine Tango was named the Pantone Color of the Year and over the last few years we have seen shades or orange, coral and peach increase in popularity. Orange accents in the Secret Garden are beautiful and really stand out against the lush green grass and arborvitaes. Likewise, centerpieces with orange blooms are vibrant and add energy and excitement.

Check out our color board for pictures incorporating the warm color of ORANGE. orange boardboard2