Ceremony Décor

Ceremony Décor

Hello Everyone,

This is Martha from Décor and Design by Majestic Gardens and I am a guest blogger today.  More and more brides are getting married at the reception site so below are ceremony decor ideas and pictures.

The most traditional ceremony décor includes pew bows and flower baskets which are usually placed near on each side of the altar table or the front of the ceremony site.   Greenery and flowers can be added to the pew bows if you are looking for something more lush.

 Another great idea is to use your centerpieces to decorate the ceremony area.  Centerpieces can be displayed on columns and can then be transferred from the ceremony to the ballroom.   If you have fresh flower arrangement, you must consider the weather in determining if this  is an option.  This always works if you are doing glass hurricaine centerpieces.  Pictured below are hurricaines set for the ceremony which we trasferrred to the reception room after the ceremony.

Red Pillars

If you want to do something a bit different there are several options.   Rather than pew bows, you can attach small floral arrangements to the ceremony chairs or pews to add a splash of color.  If you like the look of draping, you can add draping between the arrangements.

DrapingPew Flowers

For a fresher and more modern look, French flower buckets can be hung from the chairs using ribbons in your choice of color.

French Flower Baskets

French Flower Baskets

For evening receptions  many couples are choosing to line the aisles with hurricanes  either on the ground or on pillars. 9 5 09 094

 Another way to add color to your ceremony is to add sashes Fuschia Chair Tiesto the ceremony chairs.  The sashes are a great way to coordinate your ceremony with the colors you have selected.

For Majestic Gardens’ brides getting married in the Secret Garden, you may want to consider decorating the gazebo with draping and floral arrangements.

Ceremony Gazebo

 If you are thinking of being showered with rose petals by your guests as you go back down the aisle, then you should consider petal cones.  The cones can be placed in the chairs and some couples alternate the cones with ceremony program fans.

PetalConeFans and Cones

Rose petals can be used to define your aisle or can be scattered in the aisle.  Another alternative is to create a distinctive design with the rose petals. Rose Petal Lattice Design

These are many more options so look future posts on ceremony decor.  If you have any specific questions, you can email the Design and Décor division of Majestic Gardens at info@majesticgardens.com or you can always call us  at 631-744-9500.