2015 Wedding Cake Trends

2015 Wedding Cake Trends
Why not have your CAKE and eat it too Metallic, Undressed or Textured.

Selecting colors for a wedding sets the mood for the day. Your color selections can be incorporated into invitations, flowers, bridesmaid dresses and even YOUR CAKE!  Not only is color a factor but cake design plays an important role as well.

The Classic Wedding Cake, with its’ soft whites and ivory’s, has been the mainstream but this year we are seeing “Metallic” cakes stepping into the limelight.  From decadent golds to sumptuous silvers and bronze, incorporating metallic sheens and colors adds fun, intrigue, warmth and regality.  Using decorative flowers for the topper (real or sugar) adds to an already stunning cake!

metallic3meallic Also trending and gaining in popularity this year is the “Undressed” or “Naked ” Wedding Cake.  Called undressed because there is no frosting on the outside letting the cake and filling layers show through, this cake design gives a more rustic feel and could be for the couple looking for a traditional stacked cake with an “untraditional” look!


Last, but perhaps the most popular of all, is the “Textured Cake”.  Using different textures on each tier adds an element of surprise and really makes a statement.

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Can’t decide? Use a combination of colors and textures!  It’s your day and your cake! metallic4